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Tooling agencies, Sutton Tools, Mitutoyo, Nachi and Seco

Ring, fax or email us for competitive prices on all your tooling needs. We stock a huge range of tooling for everything to do with engineering.

Sutton Tools
Sutton Drills, Sutton taps, Sutton reamers, Sutton cutting tools, Sutton Endmills and slotdrills etc.
Goliath Threading Tools
Goliath Taps, Goliath Button Dies, Goliath Threading Tools etc.
Nachi cutting tools
Nachi Taps, Nachi Drills, Nachi Endmills, Nachi Slotdrill, etc.
Seco Tools
Seco Carbide tipped turning and milling cutters, Seco Carbide tips and Seco brazed tools etc.
Alfred Lewis Live Centers
Alfred Lewis Live centers, CNC Bushes and collet chucks etc.
Brobo Waldown Australia
Brobo Waldown Drilling machines, Brobo Waldown Cold Saws, Brobo Waldown Pedastal grinders etc.
Parken Australia
Parken drills and Parken linishers etc.
Mak a Key Keysteel
Square and rectangle Keysteel, etc.
Mitutoyo Measuring Equipment
Mitutoyo Verniers, Mitutoyo Micrometers, Mitutoyo Guages, Mitutoyo Digital Readouts, etc.
Ifanger tools
Ifanger Swiss made screw cutting and Ifanger boring tools, etc.
Quick Knurling tools
Quick Knurling tools and Quick Knurls Made in Austria, etc.
Norton Abrasives
Grinding wheels, Emery paper, Cut off wheels, etc.
Minute Man Broaches
Minute man broaches and Minute Man bushes Made in USA, etc.
Jacobs Chucks
Jacobs Drill chucks, Jacobs Tapping chucks, Jacobs Chuck Arbors, etc.
Noga Tools
Noga De-burring tools and Noga Magnetic tool holders, etc.
Starrett Tools
Starrett Measuring tools, Starrett Verniers, Starrett Micrometers, etc.
Moore and Wright Tools
Moore and Wright tools, Calipers, Micrometers, , etc.
Eclipse Tools
Eclipse tools, Magnetic tools, Engineers tools, etc.
Locline Coolant Hose
Locline adjustable coolant hose, etc.
Skoda Live centers
Skoda Live centers, Dead centers, etc.
TOS lathe chucks
TOS 3 and 4 jaw lathe chucks and Tos spares, etc.
Piper Tools
Piper tools, Piper Live centers, Piper Tapping chucks, Piper countersinks, etc.
Albrecht drill chucks
Albrecht drill chucks and spares, etc.
Toledo Tools
Toledo rulers Made in Japan, etc.
Crawford collets
Crawford Multibore collets, etc.
Clarkson tools
Clarkson FC 3 cutters, etc.
Rapid tap and Tap Magic
Rapid tap and Tap Magic, Drill and Tap cutting Fluid, etc.
Sculley Jones Type adapters
Sculley Jones Type adjustable adapters, etc.
Eyan Machinery
Eyan drill and Eyan tap sharpening machines, Eyan Saw blade sharpening machines, etc.
Coolant Pumps
Coolant pumps, Underwater and Self Priming Coolant pumps, 3Ph and 1Ph.

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